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Dental Instruments

Model No.︰KQ
Brand Name︰HJ-Dental
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
Dental Instruments Factory is one of the biggest manufacturers in China specializing in various dental hand instruments for over 30 years. We hold a strong technical power, advanced processing and the first rate administration. We have got the Certificate of ISO9001: 2000/ISO 13485: 2003 Quality Management Systems, CE mark and had already registered In FDA of USA. Products have been export to Europe, America, South-East Asia, Middle East, Korea and Japan as its high quality and kinds of specifications. To offer the highest quality products, the most satisfactory service and the best price are our promises.
 Periodontal probe
 Root-canal pluggers
 Periodontal files
 Cement spatulas
 Cement pluggers
 Gingival separator
 Mouth mirrors handle
 Amalgam carvers
 Sharpening stone
 Color-coded-instrumemt rings
 Sterilization tray
 Amalgam pluggers
 Gum knife
 Dental chisels
 Bone curettes
 Wax carvers
 Wax-ceramic packages
  l elevators
 Impression tray
 Laboratory hammer
 Plaster blade&flame
 Denture duplicators
 Amalgam carrier
 Crown remover
 Crown remover(spreaders)
 Mouth mirrors
 Matrix retainer
 Water jet
 Air jet
 Aspirator tip
 Nerve broach
 Bone chisels
 Aspirating syringes
 Agar imrerssion syringes
 Root elevators
 Root elevators typet
 Bone files
 Cleft palate instrument
 Plaster spatulas
 Plaster knives
 Cotton&dressing pliers
 Forceps(for adults)
 Forceps(for children)
 Laboratory pliers
 Orthodontic pliers
 Arch turret
 Band pusher
 Scapel handle
 Gum scissor
 Metal crown scissors
 Surgical scissors
 Haemostatic forceps
 Needle holder
 Crown remove pliers
 Bone rongeur forceps
 Plaster shear
 Heavy cutter
 Arch wires
 Dental stainless steel wire
 Silicone impression
 Oral tip
 Carver for silicone
 Palatal bars
 Lingual bars
 Occlusal rests flat steel wire
Please contact us for more details.
Payment Terms︰TT/LC
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