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Dental Surgery Microscopes

Dental Surgery Microscopes
Model No.︰LZJ-6E
Brand Name︰HJ-Dental
Country of Origin︰China
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description


1. The main scope adopts optical gemel binocular. The max tilting angle: 180 degree.

2. Objective lens 200mm & 250mm with fine micro-focusing adjustment knob.(the range of adjusting: 20mm), if you need, you may select 250mm apo-achromatic objective lens.

3. Easily maneuverable optical head with tension control knobs and 2 handles (One front handle is option). The optical head can be stop at any position in the moving range.

4. Optical head can be folded up to the arm at highest position. In that way you will have a clear and free working area when you don't use microscope.

5. Built-in orange filter and green filter. You can select the filters by a knob located at the same place of the fiber optic cable with is connected to the back of optical head.

6. Infinity corrected optical system / coaxial illumination. Fiber optic illumination system with brightness adjustment knob. The knob is just over the optical head. It is very convenience to adjust the brightness. 

7. Two 150W Halogen bulbs with through the lens coaxial lighting and “change on the fily" lamp selector.

    Should a lamp fail during an examination, this feature allows a quick change from one lamp to another resulting in an uninterrupted procedure.

8. A special switch is fitted into the arm. The lamp will keep "on" when the optical head moves in normal working range and the lamp will turn off automatically while the optical head moves out of normal working range.





1. The continuous tilting range of the main scope binocular: >90 degree.

The max reverse angle of the main scope: 180 degree.

2. Magnification: 5-step, Total magnification: 3.4X, 5.1 X, 8.3 X, 13.5 X, 20.5 X

3. Diameter of object field: 10.4mm to 66mm

4. 12.5x/18mm High Eye-point Wide-Field eyepieces

5. 250mm objective lens (optional: 200, 300, 350, 400mm)

6. Cold light source illumination: the max brightness: 50000Lx

7. Two 15V / 150W Halogen Lamps are manually changeable by a level.

8. Built-in Orange and Green filter changed by a knob.

9. The range of micro-focusing by hand: 20mm

10. The max spread length of the arm in stand: 1300mm

11. The up-down range of the stand: 500mm

12. Power supply: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz is available.



1) Outside image system

- Beam splitter

- outside 1/3" CCD interface

- Japan original digital camera

2) Inner(integrated)image system

3) Image Acquisition Card for connecting computer

4) 17" LCD monitor


Certificate: ISO, CE
Payment Terms︰TT/LC
Product Image

Dental Surgery Microscopes
Dental Surgery Microscopes

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