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Ultrasonic scaler ASK and ANSWER

Publish Date 2018-11-01
Question:Why there is no water spray out of the tip after installing the new machine and pressing down the footswitch?
Answer:Because the water in this ultrasonic scaler has been drained before delivery and the connection pipeline from water inlet to tip is 2 meter long, the water should take some minutes to reach the tip after pressing down footswitch.

Question:Why the vibration of tip is weakened or stopped and the tip has water spraying but without atomization after using this scaler for quite some time?
Answer:The tip may be loosed when assembling or after using for some time and the energy cannot be transmitted out. It can be settled by tightening the tip with provided spanner after closing down the scaler.

Question: Why the patient may feel burning heat sensation on lip when cleaning his teeth?
Answer: When cleaning teeth, do not make tip contact lip of patient, otherwise the patient may feel burning heat sensation on lip.

Question: Why the scaler may be with poor atomization or abnormal power after replacing tip of scaler?
Answer: The key of automatic search must be pressed after changing tip to guarantee the operation in optimum frequency.

Question: Why in the condition of switching on, the vibration of tip can be felt by hand but without water spraying after pressing down footswitch?
Answer: Please resolve it according to the following steps:(1) regulate the water flow to maximum position.(2) inspect whether the water pressure of water hose is too small and increase the water pressure if necessary.(3) when pressing down footswitch under the condition of switching on, the slight sound of solenoid valve in scaler can be heard and the slight flick sound of footswitch can be also heard when loosening it. If above sound cannot be heard, the solenoid valve may be in malfunction and the inspection and repair should be carried out according to the following "Inspection and Repair of Solenoid Valve".

Question: How to carry out the inspection and repair of solenoid valve?
Answer: If the water is dirty or working hours of solenoid valve is too long, the scale deposit and impurity may be concentrated on inside wall and valve spool of solenoid valve and cause obstruction of waterway, the inspection and repair can be carried out according to following steps:(1)The impurity in waterway can be cleared away according to the following steps.① Taking down the tip with spanner after closedown;② Pulling out the water hose from back of scaler;③ Pressing down the power switch;④ Inserting the ear syringe into water inlet;⑤ Pressing down footswitch and squeezing ear syringe forcibly to remove impurity out of water pipeline.(2)If the above method cannot settle the water pipeline, the solenoid valve should be disassembled to remove impurity and this can be proceed according to the following steps:① Turning power off and pulling out the power cord;② Unscrewing bolt on the outer casing and taking down cabinet;③ Unscrewing bolt of solenoid valve and disassembling it according to the schematic diagram of disassembly and assembly;④ Taking out valve spool and remove impurity concentrated in wall of solenoid valve and valve spool.

Question: How to do when the power of scaler has become smaller after using for quite some time?
Answer: It can be settled according to the following steps:(1) regulate the big knob of front power and adjust largely to suitable position;(2)if the power is still small when adjust the big knob of front power to the 10th step, the inside power potentiometer can be regulated, the clockwise direction is large and the counterclockwise direction is small;(3)replace a new tip;(4)inspect whether the sealing ring on connection part of handle is in good condition, whether the contact pin is with watermark, the handle should be reassembled after drying the water;(5) maloperation can cause the power of handle attenuated.

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